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Redefining Krill
Oil and Improving 

About Us

Redefining Krill Oil and Improving Standardsᵀᴹ

BioRed® is a Scientifically Tested, Ethical brand Krill oil with proven benefits and the highest purity of Phosphatidylcholine, Choline including considerable amounts of bioactive minor components such as Astaxanthin, sterols, tocopherols, vitamin A, flavonoids, and other minerals.

BioRed® achieves the highest quality standards setting the benchmark in healthcare for krill oil and is the best krill oil brand chosen among the top ethical centres around Malaysia. We emphasize on the evidence our product carries because it has been shown time and again that products with scientific evidence lead to better results while others may not. 

BioRed®’s proprietary technology makes it more effective in the areas of bioavailability, lipid transportation, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation effects.

BioRed   highest bioavailability


About BioRed

Highest Phosphatidylcholine(90-96%)

Responsible for transporting fats and better Bioavailability


Important for Liver,

Heart & Cognitive health


Essential nutrient, Potent Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory

Esterified Astaxanthin

Protects Omega-3 fatty acids

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Purity of Phospholipids/ Phosphatidylcholine (PC)


Purity of Omega-3 bound to Phospholipids


A Highly Purified form of Phospholipid Content

BioRed® is a specialised formulation containing highly purified forms of phospholipids that has proven therapeutic benefits. BioRed® contains a complex mixture of bioactive lipids and antioxidants that are Patented & Clinically Proven.

Evidence Based, Scientifically Tested & Proven Safety

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Phosphatidylcholine bound to Omega-3

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Higher Omega-3 Bioavailability

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What you should know about BioRed


Why packaging is important?

Krill oil is highly sensitive to heat and moisture and it can absorb moisture from its environment due to the rich phospholipids content, which can cause it to breakdown rapidly.

As krill oil is highly perishable, a high oxygen barrier in the packaging can help preserve long term freshness and prevent oxidation. As BioRed® capsules also have an enhanced resistance towards oxygen permeating the capsules, it is not necessary to flush the headspace in the bottle.

BioRed® capsules use special gelatine shells which are better at controlling moisture loss, and a well-fitting airtight closure, that prevents environmental humidity from penetrating through any gaps between the containers closure.

Health Benefits

Resolving inflammation


BioRed® has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, pro-resolving and also antioxidant abilities due to its rich Phospholipid and Omega-3 content, and Astaxanthin. There has been a growing scientific rationale for treatment of inflammatory diseases using dietary Phospholipids & Omega-3 to regulate the Inflammatory reactions.

Krill oil EPA & DHA in PL form

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Krill oil Antioxidant abilities

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What to expect with BioRed  


Lipid Regulation
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Phosphatidylcholine plays a critical role in ensuring a proper balance of cholesterol in the cells(12). The lipid modifying effects of krill oil are known to be Cardioprotective. Krill oil was able to increase HDL more significantly than statins and with less side effects(15).

Heart and Inflammation

Antarctic Krill oil has strong antioxidant activities and is effective in alleviating heart disease and has been shown to be able to reduce oxidative stress in cardiovascular heart disease patients(16).


Alzheimer’s Disease

gf1 (10).png

Optimal levels of Omega-3 can prevent/reverse the pathological conditions of Alzheimer’s Disease. Dietary Omega-3 in Phosphatidylcholine form can decrease the risk of Alzheimer's Disease by increasing Omega-3 supply by bypassing the faulty transporters of Omega-3 in the brain, especially in elderly individuals with genetic risk of Alzheimer’s Disease(14).

Brain Health and Cognitive function

Phosphatidylcholine bound to Omega-3 in krill oil made it more effective in activating brain function in the elderly and was significantly greater than fish oil(6).

PHOTO 1.png

Joint Health and Chronic Inflammation

gf1 (10).png

Oral Phosphatidylcholine pretreatment had beneficial effects on characteristics of chronic arthritis(11). Krill oil was able to suppress pro-inflammatory lipid mediators and slow down osteoarthritis progression(5).


The administration of phosphatidylcholine and omega-3 rich krill oil is reported to mitigate pain and stiffness significantly due to the reduced inflammation in patients with osteoarthritis. 


Eye Health

gf1 (10).png

Phosphatidylcholine is the main transporter of Omega-3 in the eyes. Dietary Omega-3 is the main antioxidants found in the eyes and protects against retinal disease.

Dry Eyes

Krill oil is recommended as an anti-inflammatory intervention for dry eye disease, improving signs & symptoms compared to placebo, and may slow down its progression(17).

BioRed® Q & A

  • What is the safe recommended dose?
    For adults take 1 softgel twice daily before or after meals or as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Do not take more than 4g per day.
  • What are the side effects
    Generally krill oil is well tolerated and is easily absorbed. Do not take more than 4g per day.
  • Is it safe for children
    BioRed® softgel capsules have not been specifically developed for children and they may be difficult to swallow. Consult with your child’s physician before taking BioRed® softgel capsules.
  • Is it safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding women
    It is approved by EFSA in 2014 for pregnant and lactating women. Consult your doctor before taking if pregnant or lactating & do not take more than 450mg of Omega-3/day.
  • Can it cause arrhythmias
    It is always advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist regarding medical conditions. Do not take more than the current recommended dose of 1g/day. Current evidences by the NIH suggest that doses of Omega-3 up to 1g/day is safe and does not support a clinical detectable pro-arrhythmatic effect.13
  • Can it cause bleeding problems
    Consult with your doctor before taking if you have underlying conditions. The safe recommended dose is It is advisable to follow the recommended guidelines
  • What is the safe recommended dose to take for BioRed®
    For adults take 1 softgel twice daily before or after meals or as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Do not take more than 4g per day.


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